Medisept Sprayliquid 5L Neutral

Medisept Neutraal 5L
Medisept Sprayvloeistof 5L 1
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  • For all PodoMonium nail drills
  • 5L content
  • 4 different scents available
  • With or without tap

Medisept spray liquid can be used with all PodoMonium spray technique nail files. Once inserted in the liquid reservoir of the nail drill, the spray liquid will beat down any skin and nail dust produced during treatment. The liquid will also cool the skin and nail area of the client. The Medisept spray liquid contains a sufficient percentage of alcohol to conserve the liquid inside your machine. The Medisept spray liquid comes in a small jerry-can of 5L and is available in 4 different flavours: Lavender, Tropical, Lemon and Neutral.