Medisept No.1 Sanitizer 5L

Medisept No.1 Sanitizer 5L
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  • WHO recommended hand sanitizer formula
    • Provisional admission until 10-09-2020
  • 5L liquid
  • incl. 3x 100ml refillable spray bottles 
  • incl. 1x Medisept drain tap

Hand disinfection for all your employees. Please note: can only be used by medical care professionals. 

Instructions for use

  1. Spread ± 5ml of liquid over both hands - sufficient for complete wetting for 30 seconds
  2. Rub hands carefully for 30 seconds until they are dry
  3. Do not rinse hands

Make sure that the fingertips, thumbs and skin between the fingers and wrists are also thoroughly rubbed in. 

With visibly dirty hands: Before going through the 3 steps, clean hands with soap and water, rinse with water and dry thoroughly.