The Best Electric Nail File for Private Use

You want to buy an electric nail file for your own use. You suffer from callus growth, lime nails or simply have difficulties to reach your feet. Manual filing takes a lot of time and effort, so you want to file electrically using a nail drill. Very good! With the right electric nail file you can easily solve your foot problems.

To perform a pedicure on yourself is very easy with an electric nail file, but which nail drill should you choose for private use? There are so many different nail drills available.

In the 9 years that we are active in the nail tech sector, we have assisted hundreds of customers. We regularly get the question which electric nail file a home user can purchase best. Today we have written this article, in order to assist every domestic user in his or her choice for an electric nail file.

Professional nail technicians often have large and strong nail drills to treat their customers. However, you are not a professional nail technician. You just want the luxury of a pedicure treatment by purchasing an electric nail file.

After reading this article you’ll know what type of electric nail drills there are and what functionalities are important for domestic users. This way you’ll learn which electric nail file fits your requirements such that a mistake purchase can be avoided.

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Electric nail file types

There are 3 different types of electric nail files,

  1. Dry technique electric nail files
  2. Spray technique electric nail files
  3. Dust extraction electric nail files

Unless you suffer from persistent callus growth, as a domestic user you can disregard the last 2. These types are also the pricier models, so it is even nicer for your wallet!

Spray technique nail drills spray water on the skin and nails during treatment. This has a cooling effect for the skin and nails, so you can keep filing the same spot longer.

Dust extraction electric nail files are electric nail files with built-in dust extraction. Actually, a nail drill with dust extraction is just a nail drill with a built-in vacuum cleaner! The vacuum cleaner immediately sucks up all nail and skin debris.

Dry technique is the simplest and most economical to purchase. Dry technique nail drills consist of a control panel and a handpiece. No dust extraction and no cooling water. As a domestic user you can easily get started with a dry technique drill.

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What else should you pay attention to?

Two relevant technical specifications,

  1. Rotations Per Minute (RPM)
  2. Drill power

Rotations Per Minute (RPM)

The RPM number of an electric nail file indicates the maximum number of rotations per minute the drill can rotate. The faster the drill rotates, the sooner you are done.

However, a high maximum RPM also means that the handpiece of the electric nail file must be of sufficient quality: the drills rotary mechanism has more to endure on higher rotation. You will notice this in the purchase price.

For domestic use, an electric nail file with 20.000 to 30.000 maximum RPM is a sufficient number. This number is more than enough for a smooth treatment in a reasonable time. And electric nail files with 20- to 30 thousand rotations per minute are also more pleasant for your wallet!

Drill power

The drill power of an electric nail file is a measure of the power of the motor. If you suffer from stubborn callus formation or coarse nails, it is better to choose an electric nail file with more power.

The drill power of an electric nail file is generally given in Watts (W). A nail file with drill power between 25W and 50W is certainly suitable for home use.


The average domestic user will be able to solve his or her foot problems with a dry technique electric nail file. An electric nail drill with a maximum between 20,000 and 30,000 RPM and drill power between 25W to 50W.

All three electric nail files below meet these requirements and are therefore a good first choice for domestic users.

  1. Promed 620
  2. Saeyang Marathon K35
  3. PClinic MiniMonium