Repair or maintenance request

You can request a repair or a maintenance service for your machine using the following form.

As soon as we receive your completed form we will process your request. You will then receive instructions on where to send your machine. You will also receive a document that you should send with your product.

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Our suppliers take an average of 5 business days for repair or maintenance. For the total time you need to count 5 working days plus shipping time to and from the supplier – count on a minimum of 12 working days. 

Your product is repaired and maintained by the supplier. 

Within the warranty conditions and warranty period, your product will be repaired free of charge by the supplier.

Your product can also be repaired outside the warranty conditions. The supplier will then first make an estimate of the costs so you can determine what you want to do:

  1. have it repaired against a fee
  2. return without repair, after payment of the research costs of 15 euros and shipping costs
  3. free recylcing

This depends on your machine and the supplier. After submitting your request you will receive a non-binding quotation. 

If during the maintenance service it appears that your machine also needs a repair, you will receive a cost specification before repair if the repair is not covered by the warranty conditions or if the warranty period has expired.

Yes, but only if we have your product in our assortment. In that case, enter ‘XXXXX’ at Order ID. 

If we do not sell your product, we can unfortunately not help you. 

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